Waterton Park Wedding Drone Footage

Waterton Park Hotel Wedding Venue

Waterton Park Hotel Wedding Venue

If you are planning a wedding in West Yorkshire you will have a very long list of amazing wedding venues to choose from however around the very top of that list will no doubt be Waterton Park Hotel.

As a wedding venue it really does have everything with spectacular grounds, a foot bridge leading to a island, extra friendly geese (as long as you don’t try and get a photo with them) and amazing staff. Waterton Park Hotel looks stunning in the sunshine of course however every season offers something unique. I have been lucky enough to shoot a wedding when the lake is frozen and it was a delight.

I am lucky enough to be one of the selected recommended suppliers at this venue so get to shoot here quite regularly. The venue asked if I could do a small drone video to show some of the grounds and surrounding area.

As you can see having a drone at Waterton Park Hotel for weddings really does offer you another dimension and for us it really is an invaluable tool to create the best films of your day.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions at all or if you would like us to film and document your perfect Waterton Park wedding. Pauline and Amy are the expert coordinators onsite and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

To see an example of one of our weddings at Waterton Park Hotel just click here for Jessica and Richards highlight film

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